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The Drive to Learn: The desire to satisfy your curiosity.

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Our Heroes

Our Heroes, Our Customers

The Hero’s Journey begins by introducing the Hero: a normal person who is experiencing the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The Hero then receives a “call to adventure”: a challenge, quest, or responsibility that requires him to rise above their normal existence and hone their skills and abilities in order to prevail.

When the Hero accepts the call, he departs his normal experience and enter into a world of uncertainty and adventure. A series of remarkable experiences initiates him into the new world, and the Hero undergoes many trials and learns many secrets in the pursuit of ultimate success.

After persevering in the face of adversity and vanquishing the foe, the Hero receives a mighty gift or power, then returns to the normal world to share this knowledge, wisdom, or treasure with the people. In return, the Hero receives the respect and admiration of all.

It is our mission to assist our Customers, where possible, at  every step on their road to success.