Economic Development Institute Jamaica

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Business Services/Consultancy Plan


Assistance with General Political Matters/per liaison with Government of Jamaica agencies

Assistance with Development Plans

Assistance with Implementation of Development Plans

Assistance with tracking success and feedback on Development plans locally and feed back assessment.

Assistance with Managing timely Project Implementation to avoid chaos and budget overruns


Public Relations Management Plan (PRMP)

$US 15,000(12 Months)

1. Free Consultation

2. Structuring Of Press Releases/Speeches for quick media appreciation and understanding

3. Circulation to media houses

4. Arranging and handling media interviews for the client

5. Media tracking of clients presentation and feed back (Via News reader software)


Business Research Services- $US 2,500-$US 30,000

Free Consultation to determine scope of work

Briefing, Position Papers on Topical Social, Political and Economic issues.

Research Papers type 1

Research Papers type 2

Business /Marketing Polls-Surveys

General Services Retainer 

$US 50,000(reviewed every 12 months)