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The Caribbean Court Of Justice: Caribbean Integration Or Disintegration?
“I want to say very, very clearly that the decision to abolish appeals to the Privy Council was not born out of anything to do with capital punishment. The idea was first mooted in 1970, based on a very simple principle that you cannot be a sovereign nation with the interpretation of your laws being done externally. Laws have to reflect the customs and traditions of the people,” 

Jamaica 2030: A Strategy For Developed Country Status

In order for Jamaica to transition from a Developing Country to a Developed Country it will be highly necessary to create a Knowledge based society, the inability to seriously overcome this challenge will mean Jamaica will be in transition to a developed country for an infinite number of years.             

Financing For Lifelong Education In Jamaica
A lifelong learning framework encompasses learning throughout the lifecycle, from early childhood through retirement. It encompasses formal learning (schools, training institutions, universities); non-formal learning (structured on-the job training); and informal learning (skills learned from family members or people in the community). It allows people to access learning opportunities, as they need them rather than because they have reached a certain age.                                     

The Role Of Labour Unions In A Changing World Environment 
Trade unions have been important institutions of industrial society; they have helped deliver significant outcomes in terms of improved living standards, equity and justice to workers all over the world. However, at the end of the twentieth
century, unions face a situation marked by the universal trend towards greater liberalization of economic and political regimes.

e-Commerce: The Alternate Panacea For Real GDP Growth In Jamaica

E-commerce is one of the most visible examples of the way in which information and communication technologies (ICT) can contribute to economic growth. It helps countries improve trade efficiency and facilitates the integration of developing countries into the global economy. It allows businesses and entrepreneurs to become more competitive. And it provides
jobs, thereby creating wealth. 
Local Government Reform: A response To Societal Changes In Jamaica

Civil society has been calling for improvement in Local Government for sometime now, primarily because of  the ineffectiveness of  the KSAC and Parish Councils island-wide to provide services such as, roads repair and public lighting,
amongst others.   to a lack of voter participation, however, a government of alleged corruption remains in power.
This level of corruption and the continued ineffectiveness of the local government system has increased the need for reform. 

Jamaica’s Transformation Towards The New Information Society

The swift emergence of a global “information society” is changing the way people live, learn, work and relate. An explosion in the free flow of information and ideas has brought knowledge and its myriad applications to many millions of people, creating new choices and opportunities in some of the most vital realms of human endeavour. Yet too many of the world's people remain untouched by this revolution.          

Good Corporate Governance:How Jamaica Will Enter The Global Village

The simple model of corporate structure in which shareholders provide the capital, the directors and the managers organize and run the business, and the employees do the work forms the basis of the system of corporate governance in countries, like ours, following the common law tradition.

A Global Approach To Crime And Violence In Jamaica

“The basic mission of the police is to prevent crime and disorder. The proof of the efficiency of the police is the absence of crime and disorder.”

 Jamaica: Social,Economic,Political Thoughts For Future Development

Jamaicans are patient, trustful and law abiding and if properly treated no one has anything to fear. The  conditions existing   today have not sprung up overnight but they have been left to grow worst till the situation is now acute…. What Jamaica needs now is practical and sympathetic men interested in the country and not charlatans and self-seekers making long speeches about nothing…

 CARICOM:Origins,Achievements,The Future

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in July 2003 celebrated 30 years of the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas.  We will look at 30 years of CARICOM in synopsis, the Origins, Achievements and its Future.

 Jamaica Constabulary Force: Transformation To Meet The Challenges of The 21st Century
If there is one single expectation of Government, which we share throughout our lives, it is security and protection. This is one of the most basic functions of all forms of Government throughout the ages. This policy paper, inevitably concentrates on those aspects of reform, which are primarily matters for the police. However, we approach radical change not from the standpoint of those delivering the service, but from those reliant on it.

 Strategic Leadership: The Platform For Political SuccessIf

you are successful in business enterprise, those principles you have used to reach the commanding heights of success should be used in the political arena in which you have a desire to be successful in, with adaptations as applies.
There is a tendency in partisan politics to think that what we have learned generally, especially at the tertiary level, cannot be implemented. This is a mistake. In fact, this is the ideal situation to test and fine tune and implement.

 A Political Campaign Manual for Jamaican Politicians

Electoral activity is just one arm of a rounded strategy for positive social change. It must be used in collaboration with education and direct action activities to reap the full potential of its power. There are three ways to view electoral activity.   

 The Poor In Jamaica Can Have A Greater say In Government Policy
Development thinking has  changed significantly in recent years. Policymakers have recognized the ability of the poor to make a valuable contribution to the analysis of poverty and are consulting them directly. This new participatory
approach has resulted in a broader definition of poverty and better-informed public policies that are more responsive to the needs of the poor.

  National Youth Development: A Policy Reference Manual
The last decade has  been a period during which the world experienced fundamental, political, economic and socio-cultural changes. These changes will inevitably affect at least the first decade of the twenty-first century as well.
Young people represent agents, beneficiaries and victims of major societal changes and are generally confronted by a paradox, seeking to be integrated into an existing order or to serve as a force to transform that order.  Young people in all parts of the world, living in countries at different stages of development and in different socio-economic settings, aspire to full participation in the life of society.
Jamaica Social Pact , For Social impact: Unlocking Jamaica's Potential
If oneagrees that in the Jamaica, labour market policies are passive rather than active, as such, this has required the need for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the pending Partnership for Progress, which seeks to embrace the Leprechaun theory of Ireland but perhaps not the philosophy of the pot of gold thinking; then what follows may be of interest as it applies to Jamaica.
Jamaican Political Strategy Manual: A 21st Century Approach to Jamaican Politics
Jamaica is a hostile partisan political environment. Only the strong survive.It takes a certain type of individual to survive in the political firmament of the hyper-plantation of Jamaican politics.Many have tried and failed and even those who think they have succeeded have eventually become a statistic because they have become complacent lost their focus and out of nowhere a political neophyte or novice of little known political reputation pulls the rug from beneath their feet. We only have to look at examples from the 1997 General Elections in Jamaica and also the 2002 General Elections. In contrast what occurred in The 2003 Local Government Elections speaks strongly to Effective Political Strategy In Action (EPSIA

The Parish Councillor's Training Manual

After one year in Local Government, won by a landslide victory in 2003, a poll done prior to the anniversary of the victory gave most of the Mayors and councils average or below average ratings with only one mayor getting outstanding ratings.

The Jamaica Labour Party spokesman on Local Government in a press conference has stated along with his colleagues, Local Government Councils were politically undermined because of under funding. We view these comments interesting.